Non-Hospital Antenatal Class

KIACOPS MEGA CONCEPT is presenting a Non-Hospital Antenatal classes for “transiting –women” with desires of acquiring sound knowledge on how to handle the un-avoidable 9-month period and all the changes that comes with it, without necessarily changing from who they really used to be at the pre-pregnancy stage, and at the same time achieving successful Births, cumulatively resulting into happier & healthier Home. Every woman deserves care, attention and guidance throughout this period of pregnancy and that’s our mandate.


Pregnancy is a fantastic 9- month period that occurs in the life of every woman, during her reproductive stage. It ‘s the period where conception, fetal growth and development are associated with various physical, Biochemical(Hormonal), Physiological and psychological changes, that significantly affect (positively or negatively) the Normal/ usual lifestyle of a woman in a question.
Womanhood is translated into motherhood and is characterized by the ability to scale through this period and even beyond successfully, evidenced by a Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby and a Happy Family altogether. This transition process, for many, is usually very strange, cumbersome and sometimes frustrating.The reason is not far fetched from the fact that many transiting women, do not know how to handle this very delicate period of their lives. In fact, most of them usually look forward of having a baby but do not know what it takes to carry another life on the inside of them for a 9 solid months.


  • The amazing journey of pregnancy
  • Coping with minor discomfort in pregnancy
  • positive approach to labour
  • the beauty of a ceaserian section
  • care of the new born
  • neonatal infections and
  • preparinng for the new arrival

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