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Where Corporate Social Responsibility needs to be implemented via Medical Community Outreaches, all of the above comes into play. You can count on our Experienced Health Event Management Team to professionally plan and implement your outreaches for you.

Community Outreach programmes are designed to reach out to INDIVIDUALS, FAMILIES AND SOCIO-CULTURAL GROUPS within a particular Community, to educate them on Health Issues, Basic healthy living tips, check and assess their Health status, Engage them in Healthy Activities within their community. This is usually sponsored by Corporate Groups and Government Paralstatals.

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Upcoming Events

25th October

Visiting Cape Town

Sign up to spend your day with orphaned kids. This will mean the whole world to them.

27th October


Handmade figures from African children. All funds will go into rebuilding school after the flood.

27th October

Charity Dinner

We’ve invited best chefs from Europe. All funds will go into African Children Health Care Program.


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