Are you worried about what next steps to take once you feel you are pregnant, but not sure? are you having morning fever, vomiting or not sure about your body system anymore? Don’t worry anymore because today, i will be sharing with you 6 steps to take if you feel you are pregnant. A lot of factors can cause the unusual way you feel. The following steps will help you:

  1. Do a reflective analysis: The first thing to do is to ask yourself questions like: When was my last menstrual period? When am i expecting my period 6 steps to take if you feel you are pregnantnext? You can use estimated dates. It doesn’t  need to be accurate Dates.
  2. Do a comparative analysis: The second step you may want to consider is to do a comparative analysis which includes asking yourself questions like: How was i feeling in the last two days? How was i feeling tw
    o weeks ago? How do i feel now?
  3. Do a pregnancy test: You don’t have to visit a hospital to do this. There are several options out there especially if you do not want a third party to know about it. You can use a pregnancy test strip to do this test at home which can be gotten in any pharmacy around. or visit a proper medical laboratory
  4. Do a scan: This is an advanced way for checking if you are pregnant or any other condition that makes you feel pregnant.
  5. Visit a Doctor in a facility you are comfortable with: If the above steps lead to a positive pregnancy result, then it is important see a doctor who will examine you again to confirm that you are pregnant.
  6. Register for antenatal care in a facility of your choice: This involves History taking, laboratory investigations, Ultrasound Scan, Routine Medications, Routine vital sign check and ANTENATAL CLASSES

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